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    Tax UnitDescriptionContact InformationMailing Address
    CAUCity of Austin
    CBACity of Bartlett
    CCOCity of Coupland
    CCPCity of Cedar Park
    CFLCity of Florence
    CGRCity of Granger
    CGTCity of Georgetown
    CHUCity of Hutto
    CJACity of Jarrell
    CLECity of Leander
    CLHCity of Liberty Hill
    CPFCity of Pflugerville
    CRRCity of Round Rock
    CTACity of Taylor
    CTDCity of Thorndale
    CTHCity of Thrall
    CWECity of Weir
    DBCBrushy Creek MUD Defined Areas
    F00Wmsn Co ESD #3
    F01Wmsn Co ESD #4
    F02Wmsn Co ESD #5
    F03Wmsn Co ESD #6
    F07Wmsn Co ESD #7
    F08Wmsn Co ESD #8
    F09Wmsn Co ESD #9
    F10Wmsn Co ESD #10
    F11Wmsn Co ESD #11
    F12Wmsn Co ESD #12
    F90Wmsn Co ESD #1
    F91Wmsn Co ESD #2
    GBEBell CO
    GWIWilliamson CO
    I00Wmsn Co WSID #3
    J01Aus Comm Coll
    J02EWC Higher Ed Center
    L01Anderson Mill Ltd District
    L02Springwoods Ltd District
    M10Block House Mud
    M12Brshy Cr Mud
    M14Sprgwds Mud
    M15North Austin MUD #1
    M16Mdws Chan Mud
    M17Wmsn-Tr Mud #1
    M18Fernbluff Mud
    M21Vista Oaks MUD
    M23Wmsn Co MUD #10
    M24Wmsn Co MUD #11
    M25Ranch at Cypress Cr Mud #1
    M27Wells Branch Mud
    M28Wmsn Co MUD #12
    M29Wmsn Co MUD #13
    M31Sonterra Mud A
    M32Sonterra Mud B
    M33Walsh Ranch MUD
    M34Sonterra MUD
    M35Stonewall Ranch MUD
    M37Wmsn Co MUD #18
    M38Paloma Lake MUD 1
    M39Paloma Lake MUD 2
    M40Wmsn Co MUD #19
    M41Parkside at Mayfield Ranch MUD
    M42Wmsn Co MUD #15
    M45Wmsn Co MUD #22
    M46Highlands at Mayfield Ranch MUD
    M47Lakeside MUD # 3
    M48West Wmsn Co MUD#1
    M51Wmsn Co MUD #19A
    M52Williamson Liberty Hill MUD
    M53Siena MUD #1
    M54Siena MUD #2
    M55Williamson Co MUD #25
    M57Wmsn Co MUD #26
    M58Watch Hill MUD
    M60Palmera Ridge MUD
    M61Leander MUD #1
    M62Leander MUD #2
    M64Leander TODD MUD #1
    M65Lakeside MUD #2-A
    M66Wmsn Co MUD #28
    M67Wmsn Co MUD #23
    P00Gtown Vill PID 1
    P01Cimarron Hills PID
    P02Behrens Ranch PID
    P05Oak Creek PID
    R02Avery Ranch Rd Dist #1
    R07Pearson Place Road Dist
    R59NE RR Rd Dist
    R70SE Wmsn Co Rd Dist
    R75SW Wmsn Co Rd Dist
    RFMWmsn CO FM/RD
    SBABartlett ISD
    SBUBurnet ISD
    SCOCoupland ISD
    SFLFlorence ISD
    SGRGranger ISD
    SGTGeorgetown ISD
    SHUHutto ISD
    SJAJarrell ISD
    SLELeander ISD
    SLHLbty Hill ISD
    SLXLexington ISD
    SPFPflugerville ISD
    SRRRound Rock ISD
    STATaylor ISD
    STDThorndale ISD
    STHThrall ISD
    T01TIF - Cedar Park
    T02TIF - Georgetown-Wolf Ranch
    T03TIF - Georgetown-CBD (Downtown)
    T04TIF - City of Taylor #1
    T05TIRZ - Leander
    T06TIRZ - Georgetown - Gateway
    T07Rivery Park TIRZ (GTN)
    T08Cedar Park Tax Zone # 2
    T09TIRZ - South Georgetown
    W01Donahoe Cr WS
    W05Williamson-Travis Co WC&ID 1D
    W09Upper Brshy Cr WC&ID 1A
    W12Lakeside WCID #2A
    W13Lower Brushy Creek WC&ID